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While in high school I took a career test to help determine what careers matched my natural interests and talents. After taking the same test twice and receiving the same results I realized I had to explore the field of Occupational Therapy.

I soon discovered that Occupational Therapy was a perfect match for me. I chose to pursue the study of OT with a curriculum focusing on biology, anatomy, psychology, and human development.  In 1977, I graduated from the University of Missouri- Columbia with a degree in Occupational Therapy.

My first job was working in adult rehab for the city of St. Louis. The following year I was hired by Special School District of St. Louis to work in the new Early Childhood program. As a team comprising of educators and specialists, we had the incredible opportunity to build a program for preschoolers with special needs from the bottom up.

I then had three children, Sarah, Kevin, and Matt while working part-time for Special School District. The following job was at Mehlville Early Childhood Program as well as working independently with private clients.

I opened a private practice in November of 2004 in St. Louis, Missouri, continuing my 20-year experience of working with children from ages two to seven.

My work centers upon helping children and families achieve their best.  No two days are alike because no two children are the same.  I approach each case as a detective, looking to identify issues at hand and to develop a personalized treatment plan.  This process is supported through my familiarity with family settings and educational environments – thus, all aspects of the child’s life are improved through the treatment plan. Once my work is completed, and the children and parents are satisfied with the progress, the children will thrive within their education environment and be able to cooperate more effectively with their teachers.

I thoroughly enjoy what I do. I look forward to each day and every child’s specialized session.  Recently a child looked at me as his mom was picking him up and said, in all earnest, “Thank you for inviting me to play.”  Can it get any better than that?