“Kay is an outstanding Occupational Therapist who helped our son overcome many fine and gross motor challenges.  She was personable, related well to our son, made the activities fun, and genuinely cares for her clients.  Kay gave us many activities/resources to do at home with him and we are forever grateful for her professionalism, hard work, and her passion to help other people. Kay has made a significant difference in all of our lives!”

— Parent of a 2nd Grader

“‘Ms Kay is awesome!’ These are my son’s words and I agree! She developed a great rapport with him. She took the skills that he needed to work on and made them fun. She also fostered his self esteem by praising him and believing in him. We were actually disappointed when he met his goals and we didn’t need to come any more. ‘Ms Kay is awesome!'”

— Parent of a 2nd Grader

“Though my son did not qualify for occupational therapy through school, it became obvious that he would benefit from it. He not only benefitted from it, he thrived because of it. His academic performance improved; his coordination allowed him to participate in sports; his self-control and peace of mind make it possible for him to have friends. He looked forward to his OT time more than anything else on his schedule and Kay McCarthy became his friend and confidant as well as his teacher. OT was the thing that helped him make sense of what had been a chaotic world for.”

“After working with Kay on (Sensory Integration problems), our son went from being significantly below his developmental age in several areas to being at the median or above level in these same skills. Though the cost is significant, we are thrilled with the effects of therapy. It’s like we have a new child, one who is happy to interact with the world around him.”

— Parent of a 5 year old

“Kay helped us figure out that our 4-year-old son had Sensory Processing problems. He was scared at the sound of loud noise and sight of flashing light. He loved going to have a “play date” with Kay. They did fun activities and played games that helped him overcome is aversions. My son is now 7 ½ and has completely gotten over his Sensory Processing problems. And he still asks if we can have a “play date” with Kay.”

— A Grateful Parent of a 4 year old

“Kay helped our child with his coordination the result was tremendously improved penmanship and being able to read because she taught him how to use his brain more effectively.”

— Parent of a 1st Grader

“When my son started working with Kay, he was having trouble with basic expectations at his school like finding his way from class to class. He seemed confused most of the time; unaware of his body in space. We were afraid he was shutting down mentally and physically at school. In short, he was completely overwhelmed.

After meeting with Kay just one time, I immediately noticed a difference in his behavior. He seemed more alert, ready to jump and play like a normal kid. With each session, we saw more and more dramatic improvement, culminating in his becoming one of the top students in his class. We saw improvement in his motor skills, his comprehension, and his self-esteem. Kay taught him how to focus and make sense of the world, and most of all she taught him to believe in himself. I really don’t think he would be successful now if we had not met Kay at such a crucial time in his development.

I think we all got a little teary the day Kay said that she had done all she could for our son. I know she will always be there to help us if something arises and I know of other families who feel indebted to Kay as well.”

— Parent of a 5 year old

“I think what we as parents admire most is your “way” with kids. Our son absolutely loves you. You make your “therapy” seem like a play date and our son has come away more confident and not self conscious at all.”

— Parent of a 1st grader and Physician

“I bring both my boys to see Kay. She has made such a difference in our lives. Both of them are overcoming their hurdles and are so much happier and more confident. Her suggestions are always helpful. They love coming to see her and she has been so supportive in helping us not only in her office but at home and school.”

— Parent of two boys ages 18 months and 3 yrs old

“Kay was an amazing asset to our family! She was able to help us see/show us why our son was having difficulty in several aspects of his daily life. She worked with him in a variety of multisensory ways utilizing materials that were child centered and fun. Our son looked forward to seeing her every week and still asks when he can go back and visit Kay! We were so lucky to have found her!”

— Parent of a pre kindergartener and Teacher

“Kay McCarthy performed magic with my children! One of my children has Down Syndrome, with more complex needs. My other child has simpler issues with pencil grasp and fine motor control. Kay developed a program for each child, and I was amazed at the progress my children made in a short time period. Most importantly, they were both excited to see Kay each week, and thought of it as play time. That is the hallmark of a gifted therapist!”

“These words are inadequate to describe how I feel about you and your help with my kids!!!!”

— Parent of a 4 year old and kindergartener

“Kay has been instrumental in developing our son’s fine and gross motor skills…as, if not more importantly, Kay built our son’s self esteem and overall sense of achievement. She has consistently shown an absolute sincere interest in our entire family, often coaching me as much as our son!!.”

— Parent of a 4 year old