“Kay McCarthy is an excellent resource for children, teachers and parents. Her knowledge of child development specific to motor skills is an area of expertise which significantly benefits not only the children but also the teachers and parents working with the child. Kay is able to provide consulting services which detail techniques necessary to be implemented to support success for an individual child. Her ability to explain these techniques and demonstrate them makes it easy to understand and use on a practical level within classrooms and at home. As a teacher, I have learned much from watching Kay and have implemented many of her strategies, ideas and techniques when working with children.”

— Early Childhood Itinerant Teacher

“FABULOUS at interacting and connecting with teachers to bring success not only in the child’s home life but in the classroom as well. EXCELLENT at sitting in on a parent conference supporting what we see in the classroom in an effort to EFFECTIVELY achieve optimal growth results for the WHOLE child!”

— Kindergarten Teacher

“I am going to see Ms. Kay today. I can’t wait. “These are the words of a first grade student of mine receiving services from Kay McCarthy. I have referred students to Kay for many years, for services in fine motor skill, gross motor skills and sensory development. Children enjoy the atmosphere and show results after only a few weeks. I highly recommend Kay McCarthy for Occupational Therapy.”

— First Grade Teacher

“Kay has worked with several of my students over the past few years with issues ranging from sensory processing to fine motor skills. Students were excited to work with Kay and improvements were seen in the classroom only a few weeks after Kay’s services.”

— First Grade Teacher